The smartcare voice application

DiscVision provides various systems and technologies to build a Smartcare voice assistant based on SmartSpeaker systems such as Amazon Alexa for the Senior Living market.

Voice is a natural way to communicate and as we age eye sight, touch and hand eye coordination make the use of mobile touch screen based devices increasingly difficult. With the Smartcare system the care client is able to simply ask for what they would like to find out about.

The solution provides the care client with enhanced services and provides the Care provider with operational efficiency gains.

The Smartcare skill provides a flexible solution for:

  • Suitable for deployment in all types of care settings: Retirement villages, Care homes, Supported living and Domiciliary care

  • Easily customisable to the requirements of a single or group of care homes using an interactive web application to customise the various services offered by the Smartcare voice app.

  • Integration with Ascom Ofelia mobility solution.

  • Integration with Care Management Systems for a complete service.

  • Scalable to large number of clients per care setting and support care home groups / chains.

  • Support of various technological platforms such as Amazon Alexa Smart Properties Senior Living.


The Smartcare skill offers a number of services tailored to the care environment which are fully customisable to the requirements of the care home or Domiciliary care provider.


  • Meals Image Description

    This service gives information about the meals that will be served: breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner. The care client can find out what meals are served for the coming week simply by asking “Alexa, what is for lunch today?” They are provided with a spoken and visual response. The client can also use the service to select their meals if the care provider supports this service.

  • In-room services Image Description

    The care client is able to request various services in their room using the Smartcare skill. This can range from asking for a cup of tea or assistance with tasks. Whilst this provides the care client with an enhanced service it also means that the care provider staff know what the client needs and can dispatch an appropriate staff member to attend to the request.

  • Fault reporting Image Description

    This service enables the care client or staff members to immediately report maintenance issues that need attention while they are in the client’s room. A range of items are covered and this ensures that any issues can be dealt with promptly.

  • Events Image Description

    This service enables the care client to find out what activities are going on in the care home. They are presented with a spoken and written description of the activities. They can also set reminders so they don’t forget to go to one they are interested in.

  • Dayplan Image Description

    This service provides the client with a personalised dayplan. It may include reminders for appointments, visitors or TV program that they wish to watch.

  • Messaging Image Description

    This service enables the care provider to send messages to individual care clients or, when the device is inactive, to display a sequence of rotating cards on the screen. These can be used to inform clients of activities, show general reminders or promote services available in the care home.

  • Calling Image Description

    This service enables Alexa to Alexa calling, or calling to mobiles and landlines (UK only). This enables care clients to have video calls with their family and friends. The address book is managed by the care provider.

  • Radio Image Description

    This service enables the care client to access the huge range of radio stations available via Alexa.

  • Knowledge Image Description

    This service enables the care client to find out about topics that they are interested in. It provides stimulation and interest for the care client.

  • Weather Image Description

    If you want to find out the weather for today, or are interested in the weather for a particular location then this service does just that for you.

  • Video Image Description

    This service enables videos to be streamed to the device. That could be a church service, event in the care home or an instructional video.

  • Skills Image Description

    Alexa Smart Properties enables the Care Provider to manage the skills available to ensure they are all appropriate. This service enables the care client to find out what skills are available for them to use.

Web management

DiscVision provides a web based management tool that enables the Care Provider to manage the service themselves. It provides access to manage all the needed services and the day to day operation of the system.

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