Apps for Voice Control

Apps for Voice Control

How to integrate the Alexa Skill into your media device?

DiscVision provides a number of services to enable voice control of your device. Services that are currently available include:

  • Customisation of the skill to the requirements of your device
  • Certification of the skill
  • Provision of the connectTV client and support during integration
  • Hosting / support and maintenance of the connectTV Cloud platform
  • Provision of usage statistics of connections for your devices

It is not necessary that DiscVision engineers access the software on your STB. Therefore your IPR is maximally secured. The overall integration can be done by your own engineers as most of the overall Skill software is done anyway in the cloud and therefore controlled by DiscVision.

The skill is available in all major languages such as German, English, French, Italian and Spanish for the two platforms Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Contact us for an individual offer for your device and your skill requirements.

Voice Controlled Home Media Solutions

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