Technologies for smartTV

covers all technologies, systems and solutions that DiscVision provides for the implementation of digital TV receivers and other home media devices to its partners.

These solutions range from software components that are provided for specific tasks to complete ready-to-ship devices that are manufactured in close cooperation with mass manufacturers in Asia.

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Voice controlled Home Media Systems

covers all technologies and solutions that are provided by DiscVision to control home media devices by voice and to integrate voice technologies deeply into such devices.

Doing such an integration a home media device itself becomes a Smart Speaker and acts like such such a Smart Speaker in the user's home using the TV set as the major speaker device.

Voice controlled Smart Places

covers all technologies that are provided by DiscVision to use voice technologies for some innovative applications such as a virtual concierge in a hotel or an assistant in a restaurant or in other places that are made "smart" in this way.

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Voice Controlled Home Media Solutions

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