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DiscVision provides technology for eviado Hybrid PVR system

DiscVision @ ANGA Cable 2010

04.05. - 06.05.2010

The eviado range of products gathers a set of high featured but cost efficient STB and PVR solutions that cover all major reception technologies (satellite, cable and terristrial) as well as the Internet as a distribution path for audio and video information. (

eviado STB systems are hybrid systems that allow for a seamless integration of information delivered via DVB or IP. An integrated WLAN (802.11n) interface as well as Ethernet communication allows for an easy integration into the users home network and a alway-on-connection to the Internet.

The eviado systems shown on Anga Cable 2010 integrates a hybrid digital satellite receiver that provides PVR-ready functionality for DVB-S2 contents as well as an easy to use web portal for a large number of leading Internet applications that are all presented in a way that make them usable on a TV set. The web portal is based on the Opera Devices web browser and collects a large amount of web apps provided by MMH Netrange GmbH.

The system integrates a CI+ interface which allows to access HD+ contents and integrates a HbbTV stack developed by DiscVision. Furthermore the managed EPG from "TV digital" is integrated that provides a EPG of high quality. Based on this EPG information, an intelligent recording recommender is integrated that allows the user to specify his TV preferences and fills up the HDD with interesting contents without any explicit programming.

The overall solution that is presented on Anga Cable 2010 is done in close cooperation with other technology partners such as eviado GmbH, GkWare, MMH Netrange GmbH, APRICO and Opera. DiscVision as a software and hardware design house has been responsible for the integration and provision of the overall software stack of this system.

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