Smart-TV Middleware

The following structure shows the overall architecture of the smartTV middleware system.

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The overall features of the smartTV middleware are


  • Provides various APIs for:
    -clients on STB
    -In-home networking
    -extended home functionality
  • MW resides on Linux DVB API, Gstreamer
  • Support of applications done using browser (HTML5, SVG) or native UI (OpenGL ES, directFB)

Push VoD server and client system

  • Complete solution for playout of large data files via DVB network
  • Integrates error recovery mechanisms (forward error correction)

CA systems / DRM systems

  • CI / CI+ (certified)
  • Irdeto CA (SCA, CCA) integrated
  • NDS CA system integrated
  • Integration of Verimatrix DRM
  • Integration of MS Playready DRM

Standard STB features

  • DVB Engine: Methods for channel search, channel lists, fav lists, LCN
  • Handling of all kinds of DVB tables
  • Support for DVB-S / S2, DVB-C, DVB-T / T2
  • EPG handling: Accumulation of DVB-SI EPG using different rules. Storage in flash / memory
  • Managed EPG handling (rich EPG): Support of different forms of Managed EPG pro-vided via IP
  • SW update from USB interface, OTA (DSM-CC) or via IP from central server
  • Videotext decoder
  • Graphical user interface based on directFB, HTML-5, CE-HTML, Qt embedded

PVR features

  • Advanced conflict and resource management handling for multituner systems
  • Integration of SAT>IP and recording in conflict management
  • Support of several transport stream recording
  • Advanced content management on internal HDD, USB HDD, SMB shares
  • Handling of EPG series recording, timer series, keyword series recording
  • Re-Planning of recordings in case of begin time changes of planned recordings

SmartTV features

  • Opera Devices web browser integrated for portal support
  • Smooth Streaming
  • HLS streaming
  • HbbTV1.5 client integration using Opera Devices browser and own HbbTV stack
  • Media player functionality for large number of formats and containers using FFMPEG
  • NetRange portal with 500+ apps integrated
  • Opera / Vewd portal integrated on some platforms
  • VAST2.0 targeted advertising control interface integrated

Home Networking features

  • Communication features for TCP/IP, SMB, IP over DVB download (Push VoD)
  • UPnP libs for client (DMP), control (DMC) and server (DMS)
  • SAT>IP server functionality for streaming live and recorded streams to mobile clients
  • HLS Streaming, RTP / RTSP streaming functionality

Other third party SW on STB

  • ftp client
  • embedded web servers
  • SQL database (SQLite)
  • MHEG engine integration (UK and SA profile)

Recommender system integration

  • Xroadmedia online recommender and search system

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