Apps for Voice Control

Apps for Voice Control

DiscVision White Label Alexa Skills and Google Home Actions for STB control

DiscVision provides skill for STB / TV control as well as for other media devices. The skill provides the following functionality as a custom skill:

  • Zapping to channel by name, number, previous / next channel
  • Volume control
  • Live TV Control (Timeshift, Pause / Play, Trick Modes, …)
  • Search in EPG
  • Scheduling of recording using EPG
  • Search in Recordings (in case that PVR is supported) and listing of recordings
  • Playback of recordings, and control of playback (Pause, Play, Trickmodes, …)
  • Box on / off, Sleep Timer
  • Videotext/Teletext Control
  • Help Menu
  • Pairing of devices and Amazon Account
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The STB-Control Skill implements a conversational User Interface that gives feedback via voice and via the UI of the STB system.
If search requests are done the results are shown on the User Interface so that the user can select from the information that was found.

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Various Help menus give information to the end user how to use the skill:

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The skills / actions are tested in detail and are approved by Amazon / Google:

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