Voice control integrated into devices

Voice control integrated into devices

Alexa Voice Service Integration

Alexa Voice Service (AVS) is a cloud-based service of Amazon that ads voice-enabled user experience to every device that is connected to the AVS cloud service. The AVS client can be integrated into any device that has a voice input and a sound output. Smart speakers are only one kind of system that connect to the AVS service. STB systems that connect to a TV set on the one side (having speakers integrated) and con-nected to the Internet on the other side are natural candidates for devices that run AVS services.

An AVS integration on a STB turns the STB device into a multimedia platform and provides music content to the usually best audio platform into the users home.

Each AVS client provides access to:

  • Amazon Music
  • TuneIn Radio Music
  • Kindle eBooks
  • Amazon Audible

All skills that are available for the Alexa platform can be executed on such a platform if the AVS client is integrated.

  • Home Control Skills
  • Flash Briefing Skills
  • Shopping Skills
  • Productivity Skills
  • Entertainment Skills
  • Communication Skills
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Image Description

Skill cards are displayed on screen if Wikipedia questions are asked. Weather skills and a lot of other skills provide such skill card information on request. Where Echo devices just give the voice answer, the AVS client on a visual device displays the associated skills card. Future implementation of AVS on visual devices will integrate the Alexa Presentation Language (APL) that allows full screen presentation as a result of a voice request.

During the display of music content (from Amazon Music or other services) a cover logo as well as some trac description is given on the connected TV screen. Using the keys of the remote control but also by using voice commands it is possible to navigate inside such a playlist.

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During the playback of an Audible content the various chapters of the book can be seen and using remote control keys and / or voice can be navigated through.

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