Voice control integrated into devices

Voice control integrated into devices

Voice input for the AVS integration

The voice input for the AVS client on a STB is usually provided by a microphone that is integrated into the RCU (push-to-talk). Using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) or some other communication standard it is possi-ble to stream the voice input to the AVS client on the STB where it is handled and forwarded to the AVS cloud service.

DiscVision is busy on the integration of a RMA (remote microphone array) which is a hands-free voice input device that can be put somewhere in the living room and which receives the voice input after accept-ing a wakeword and which then forwards this voice input via BLE to the STB.

A RMA is much more comfortable than a Push-to-Talk solution but on the other hand Push-to-Talk gives more security in terms of user control of his input to the Amazon platform. Therefore it depends on the specific case what solution is the most preferred one.

DiscVision SDK for AVS integration into Home Media Devices

DiscVision provides a pre-certified SDK for the AVS integration into any STB device. The SDK does allows for an integration of AVS into a customers’ platform without access of DiscVision engineers to this platform.

The SDK contains:

  • The overall AVS client system
  • Media Player for playback of various media formats provided by AVS
  • Skill card viewer
  • Sign in / out functionality
  • Alexa voice chrome and other status information

The SDK supports Linux OS and Android OS platforms.

DiscVision supports the customer in the integration and performs the overall testing of AVS integration before this is officially done by Amazon. Various other software components such as BLE stacks etc. can be provided on request to ease the microphone client integration.

The following graphic shows how the DV AVS Library that is provided with the AVS SDK is integrated into the STB software stack.

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